Fuck you :)

Nothing wants to go my fucking way anymore… Fuck you deployment. You’re winning. I hope you’re fucking happy.

I hate deployments!


Do people really think I’m retarded?!?!?! NO I know you’re saying shit about me. You’re a little old to be acting like a teenager too, don’tcha think?! Grow up and say it to my face!

Spoiled :)

Another call! 3 calls in a row! I’m so lucky :) I can’t wait for my babe to come home!!!!

My life ..

My life ..


I got yet another call from my wonderful boyfriend in Afghanistan :) I LOVE when I see “Afghanistan<3” pop up on the screen. I’ve been so lucky and have already been able to speak with him 3 times this week! I was spolied :) I know it won’t last long though so I’m not going to get used to it.. He was so tired and he sounded so cute on the phone. God, I can’t wait to be back in his arms. Please hurry up summer.. I miss my world. I love you so much Jake!

I hate deployments and miss my boyfriend terribly…



Valentines Day……

So. Today basically just plain SUCKED. I wake up to find my deployed boyfriend’s pet hermit crab died, wonderful. My broken toe isn’t doing any better, and then I get on facebook to see everyone’s pictures of flowers and chocolates and shit from their men who are also deployed. I wish my boyfriend was lucky enough to use a computer to order me shit for Valentines Day… Why does he have to actually be doing shit and be busy 24/7 ?! UGH! I didn’t even get a phone call. I ate too many cupcakes and too much icecream and didn’t finish my homework and now I feel sick. Wow, I’m really bitching and complaning. OH WELL. I’m over today. Peace out fuckin’ February 14th. I’m ready for tomorrow.

p.s. I miss my fucking boyfriend like crazy ..

And for all you girls who take your boy granted. Fuck you. Appreciate him and all the time you get to spend with him. And think of “us” who don’t, because our men are too busy fighting for you and your man! ..